4 Weeks Slimmer Thighs Squat Challenge


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Home Workout 4 Weeks Slimmer Thighs Squat Challenge
Published on June 11, 2015

Hello Ladies!

The is a 3mins 30secs Squat Challenge, which will give you Slimmer and Sexier thighs.
Challenge yourself to do it everyday and in 4 weeks time you will feel and notice the difference. By the end of 4 weeks, your thighs will be slimmer, stronger and this challenge should be very easy for you.

The challenge is very simple to follow accompanied by clear instructions from the music.
The music is ‘Flower’ by Moby, also the OST for “Gone in 60 Seconds” film.

It can be perform anywhere, even when you’re waiting for the bus. LOL!
I like the music because it has very clear instruction for the challenge.

Leave your comments and let me know whether you managed to complete the challenge without stopping.

If it helps, measure your right or left thigh prior to starting the challenge, and measure it again after 4 weeks. Just check that you’re measuring the exact same spot!

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