A Diva’s Weight Loss Journey : Tips to lose weight


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Home weight loss A Diva’s Weight Loss Journey : Tips to lose weight
Published on June 10, 2015

What’s up? Now I’m gonna share you a story about weight loss which hopefully can motivate you…

Like many of you all, she struggled to lose weight. She had tried 1000 diets but she couldn’t seem to stay motivated. She always have been heavier than her peers but her weight continued to soar during high school and college.

Summer 2012, she was 228 pounds! She decided to diet once more….At this time, She did not document her journey but with strict dieting and exercise, she got down to 200. Thanksgiving and Christmas through me off my journey and by January she was up to 207. January, she decided to make a lifestyle change instead of dieting. She downloaded her fitness pal’s program and began to count calories. She met amazing people there and decided to create an Instagram to show her journey in pictures. She have received so much support from these two social networks. She is now down to 184 putting her at a total of 44 pounds!

Though she is not at my her destination, she hope her journey thus far inspires you!

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